/Installing WAMP server on windows

Installing WAMP server on windows

Hello geeks, this is my first tutorial for those who want installing AMP stack on their windows for working on PHP files. 

However, you can install Apache, Mysql, Php separately for hosting your first web page but is not so easy task sometime for beginners. Therefore, I’ll suggest you install the WAMP stack like WAMP, most popular XAMPP(I work on this!), EasyPhp, Vertrigo and many more similar.

As i mentioned in the above para that XAMPP is most popular AMP software comes with lots of functionality by default. Below are step gives for installing XAMPP.

1.Go to the official website www.apachefriends.org or click from this link

Click on “XAMPP for Windows”

     or Click on this to download directly the full version.

2. When you download XAMPP for windows, Install it like a regular window software.

3.  Below are the steps for installing by image:-

Choose install location. Mostly it is C: drive but you can install on D: or E: or somewhere else.
After the installation finishes, a window will pop up in system tray.
If Apache and mysql is running, everything is fine. Now you can dip into PHP.

I know this seems easy in first sight, but not easy for newbie. If you have any doubt relating this or anything 
please comment below or ask at my facebook page CODERIDE

Next post will be on “How to make a simple script with PHP?”

Thanks for reading!