/Basic tools for newbie developers

Basic tools for newbie developers

Hello geeks,

I think you all would be well. Today i am going to share some basic and essential tools for a newbie web developer. I know there are already many blog posts on web developer tools but i am sharing this with my own experience. 

So, lets quick start!

web developer tools

                                1.  A Code Editor

There are many code editor out there on the internet. But what should be the essential quality of a code editor?


(a) Auto placement of end tags.

(b) Show ending braces or ending tags when click on starting brace or tags respectively.
(c) Different color coding for Markup, CSS and Server side.

Among above properties, there are some editors which i have used. 

(i) Notepad 2: It is a notepad like simple and lightweight text editor and can also be used as a simple code editor for initial use. Visit Official website.

(ii) Notepad++ : It is very popular code editor among programmers. It has essential features of multi tab and color coding etc. which makes it perfect for newbie programmers. Visit Official website.

(iii) Sublime Text 2: It is very cool interface and feature rich code editor which comes in different code color themes. it comes with trial version and also paid version. But you can ignore trial version warning once trial period expires. Visit Official website.

I don’t want to confuse with several similar code editors so i am not publishing other ones. The above editors have different capacities. You should start from simpler.

You can also check all possible code editor in Wikipedia.

                        2. Browser developer tool

Browser developer tools are very useful even for novice programmer to test, check, examine their code and design in actual browser. 

1. Google Crome developer tool: Crome developer tool is built-in tool in Google Crome. You can do almost anything from design to picking colors for Divs, You can see execution speed, built-in debugger etc. etc. I too solve my design problem with the help of this tool. I think this is the best browser developer tool yet. You can access it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+i

2. FIrefox’s developer tool: It is same as other developer tool but it has one very useful feature that when you enable developer tool mode with Ctrl+Shift+i, and hover on the page it shows that Divs html and css instantly.

3. Opera’s developer tool: Opera also have very intuitive developer tool. You can take screenshot from this directly and many important features like others. Press CTRL+SHIFT+i to enable it.

                              3. Browser’s extensions

You perhaps know the browser plugins which is also called extensions. 
As this post is for newbies, i will highly recommend to download only one extension which is web developer. It has many important and essential features for web developer. 

Web developer’s toolbar or extension can be downloaded in Crome or in firefox.


          4. (Integrated development environment)

What is IDE?

The simple definition for this is a complete tool for developing your web app.

I know IDE should not be here because this post is for newbies. But 
you should start from a simple code editor and then use an IDE for better experience and understanding.

And IDE is a mixture of code editor, DBMS,Error indicator, Markup validators, Code completion, debugger, frameworks and many others. 

As i am talking about PHP language, so i will give IDEs for PHP web app development.

(i) NetBeans
It is an open source IDE which comes for various languages and also comes for PHP separately. You can find simple and detailed overview of Netbeans in its official website.

Netbeans handles by independent Netbeans community and Netbeans org company. It is maintained and invested by Oracle.

It has powerful code editor which shows errors in different colors.
You will love it when you will start using Netbeans.
Even i am using Netbeans for my PHP projects.

Visit Official website for PHP.

(ii) Eclipse:
 It is similar as Netbeans but has some different capabilities. It is also comes free and can be useful for your PHP projects.

Visit Official website for PHP

(iii) Aptana Studio PHP Editor: Aptana Studio is developed by Aptana Inc., is an open source HTML editor. It is developed on Eclipse platform.
It supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It has also a debugger and very stable and powerful.

Visit Official website.

There are more very powerful IDEs but i have provided that which i have used and they are free.

Hope it will help you.