/How to start with PHP[for newbies]

How to start with PHP[for newbies]


I think you are fine. This post is for them who are willing to start with php but don’t have idea how to do it.
You can find many other resources on internet but here i am summarizing them all.

So, without much taking, lets go for coderide.

Things to start with PHP

     1. A web server
    2. Php packgage
    3. Code editor (notepad++ or notepad 2)
    4. Knowledge of HTML 
    5. Knowledge of basic javascript (not mandatory)

For first two elements, simply download a AMP stack like XAMPP, WAMP, EasyPHP etc. and for code editor download anyone of your choice from here.

You should have basic knowledge of HTML that you can learn from W3schools.com or similar site and javascript knowledge is complementary but this is not mandatory for start.

What is PHP?

It is a server side programming language which can be used for making web pages and online apps and also used for making software(requires PHP GTK).

Writing your code in PHP

<?php echo “Hello World!” ;?>


Put this php code within html markup like this:

<h2>Below is the php code output.</h2>
<?php echo “Hello World!” ;?>

Save the file with name “test.php” however you can write any desired name with .php extension.
Now place this file into the htdocs folder of Xampp or www folder if you have wamp installed.

After doing this, make sure that your xampp or wamp is running by clicking the xampp icon or wamp icon like you start any other program.

Open your desired browser and access this url “localhost/test.php” and hit enter.

You will see output like this below:



1. Write your desired text within echo using php tags.

2. Save the file with .php extension in htdocs folder of xampp.
3. Browse the file in browser.
4. That’s it.
5. Hurrah!Now you are a php developer.

Hope, this will help you.

For any problem or feedback comment below.