About the book: Security researchers, analysts, and penetration testers will enjoy the chapters of how to exploit the Android apps. Application developers with a desire to learn more about security will gain practical advice on how to protect their applications from attacks.

Requirement for book: Some necessary tools and knowledge requirements are specified in the beginning of the book which makes it easy for readers to understand the criteria of their significance of reading this book.

Important Points:
1. The book for is for android professionals and security analysts and not for the beginners.
2.  The book deals with security practices for android operating systems and focuses it in detail.
3. In the starting chapters, it is clearly mentioned in the book that how to prepare a platform to start digging into the security analysis of the android code.
4.  In the mid chapters, author focuses on how to exploit the android applications with some examples which is really helpful and easy to understand for the readers.
5. Further reading deals with application fixes which aims at protecting the android application.
6.  Secure method of programming with encryption is also given in detail which focuses on encryption correctly and avoids some of the common anti pattern to keep data within your application secure.
7. Though all packt books contains example codes, so this book has it which is beneficial for developers.
8.  Book is a detail overview of security practices and is very useful for android developers and security analysts.
9. Book has code examples with in depth theory which makes it easy to read and understand.
screenshot of the book

Final overview: Book is easy to read and very concise in example codes which makes it handy to follow the topics. I recommend the people who like work for android, must read this helpful book and enhances your code with security practices.

Reviewed by :Vinay Singh (PHP developer, Magento Developer)